Upper Sandusky's Summer Community Sales
All sales Th-Fri-Sat unless noted.
Hours vary.  Most open by 9:00.

NORTHWEST                                   SOUTH (of Wyandot Ave.)

320 W. Bigelow St.                                                                   410 S. 8th St.
Uniforms, Children clothing, Misc. Items                               
antique tools, door hardware, sm. furniture

336 N. 8th St. (corner of 8th &Bigelow)                                  328 Henderson Ave.
multi-family, name brand clothing (teen girl, children)          
organ, Dressers, library table,                     
toys, books, household items                                                   
roller blades, electric guitars

486 N. 7th St.                                                                            503 W. Johnson St.
5-family, Men & Women clothes, candles, lots of misc.         
Misc. items

504 &514 Greenview St.                                                          426 S. 8th St.
kids' clothes (0 & up) girls (10-14)                                          
rolltop desk, kids' toys, household

601 Sunset Dr. Fri. only 9-6                                                     560 S. Sandusky Ave.
Shelves, pictures, Christmas Crafts,                                        toys clothes, furniture,
Girls' Clothes (pre-teen to Jr.) lamps, tables                          
exercise bike, T.V.

533 Gamber Court                                                                   127 S. 8th St.
Name brands: baby (boy/girl),                                                 
clothes (toddler, men, women)
teen girl, boy 10-12, household, misc.                                     
pet, household, toys, misc.

NORTHEAST                                    LINC. HWY CORRIDOR

207 Woods Canyon Dr./Duck Pond                                        2754 Co. Hwy. 330
Mult-family, Antique tools,                                                      
5-family, T.V. cabinets, name brand clothes
(child & adult)

460 Front St.                                                                             4055 CR 330 (east)
glassware, furniture, tools, misc.                                             
Many Vendors

425 N. 4th St.                                                                            2733 CR 330 (east)
multiple family sale                                                                  
multi-family, lots of variety

212 Dogwood Lane/Duck Pond                                               RURAL
Multi-family, Antique Tools, collectibles

902 Greenbriar Rd. (behind fairgrounds)                                8145 Co. Hwy 58
family sale, books, dishes, purses, shoes,                               
furniture, kids' clothes, crafts
ladies clothes (sm-XXL)

641 Riverview Dr. Fri./Sat only
misc. items

500 Front St. Thurs/Fri only
baby items, childrens'/maternity clothes,                                  Return to Main Page