Exercise & Photography


Wyandot County offers many different sources of exercise to all of those who are on the go.  When traveling, it is always important to get out of your vehicle once in a while and get your blood moving.  Our parks offer great play areas for children, paved trails for cycling, running, or walking, and physical sports for all ages.  Whether you like the wind through your hair or a gentle breeze, Wyandot County will get your blood racing agian.

Scenery & Photography

Primarily rural, Wyandot County is one with nature.  It is not odd to see a family of deer in your backyard if you live in town.  Nature preserves and conservations like Gottfried Nature and Killdeer Plains offer great opportunities for bird watchers and photographers alike.  The Upper Sandusky reservoir is a popular scenic area that feature wild geese, tall cranes, diverse insects, scaled amphibians, fur-covered mammals, and an occasional bald eagle.  Sunsets and rises are great shots for amateur and professional photographers in these areas. Photo contests and showcases are held by several organizations such as the Visitors Bureau, the Upper Sandusky Area Chamber of Commerce, First Citizen National Bank, and the Wyandot County Scenic Photos.


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