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Wyandot County

Wyandot Mission Painting
Bill Moose Crowfoot
Eden Township Band
Mother Solomon
Old Indian Mill
Ladies Swimming Hole
Rebuilt Business
Baseball Reenactment

The Wyandotte Indian tribe settled in this area because of the furtile soil, temperate climate, availability of wild game, and access to the river.  These early inhabitants prospered in this area and fought for rights with several Indian tribes also seeking to settle here.  John Stewart brought Christianity to the Wyandots and established for Upper Sandusky the First American Methodist Mission in America.  The Old Mission Church is still used for summer services today.  William Crawford led his famous expedition here in 1782, and Fort Ferree was built during the War of 1812.


Wyandot County was established in 1845, two years after the Wyandot Tribe was forced to leave for a reservation in Kansas.  This marked the departure of Ohio's last organized Native American tribe.  The incorporation of Upper Sandusky occurred in 1848 and the town became the county seat.  Each town in Wyandot County has contributed to its growth and prosperity, making it a great place to raise a family.

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