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Boating & Fishing

There are many places to pull off and "dip your bait" at the Upper Sandusky reservoir.  There are also docks where you can  launch a boat.  No motors are allowed on the boats here.  From Rt. 23 take Route 330 (Wyandot Ave.) west. Drive about 1.5 to 2 miles and make a left on Reservoir Rd. (There will be a sign) Follow Reservoir Rd. to the park entrance at 104 Reservoir Rd.

Upper Sanduksy Reservoir

Another fun activity is canoeing down the Sandusky River. Moving into Wyandot County the river picks up in size and by the time it reaches Upper Sandusky it deepens enough to float on a regular basis. There are however two dams in the Upper Sandusky area, the first is in town, near the old water plant, the second is at Indian Mill. The best starting point is at Indian Mill and it features a good access point. The river deepens just below the Parker covered bridge, and the water begins to slow. There are two large logjams in the river, one is at the confluence with Tymochee Creek, the jam is large, and portage is necessary. The other smaller logjam is just downstream, closer to McCutchenville. There are multiple Bald Eagle nests along the banks of the river, so keep a keen eye, especially in Wyandot County.


The Canoe Livery is located at

640 E Wyandot Ave. 

Upper Sandusky. 

(419) 294-4115


Wyandot Canoe Livery

For fisherman under 18 and over 60 the park pond offers a good fishing spot.  The Wyandot County Sportsmen Club hosts a fishing derby at Harrison Smith Park in June.

Harrison Smith Pond

Walleye fishing starts to heat up in late March and continues to the end of April. White bass fishing peaks in May, when catching over a 100 fish in a day is not uncommon. Early summer is prime time for bass fishing, with smallmouths spawning on shallow flats in June. You can catch bass all through summer.  Summer also offers your best chances of connecting with big channel cats, especially at night. Perch fishing is at its best in September and October.

Sandusky River
Photo courtesy of Bill Caine
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