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In downtown Upper Sandusky is the Wyandot County Courthouse.  The courthouse attracts many visitors and is considered a unique structure for its style and the interior paintings.  These paintings adorn the foyer with a three flight marble staircase in the middle.  The courtroom on the third floor was used in the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption."  Lady Liberty stands high above on the dome.


During the construction of the new courthouse in 1899, a copper statue of Lady Justice was placed on top of the clock tower above the central dome.  The statue was manufactured by the W.H. Mullins Company of Salem.


During the first one hundred years of her life, Lady Justice suffered numerous “injuries.”  There were several bullet holes, her scales were blown off during a storm, part of her sword went missing with the rest crudely welded on and a fourteenth-inch square section near her hip was completely gone.  The decision was made in the early 2000's to restore the statue.  In January of 2009, the statue was carefully removed and restored.  By June 8, later that year, Lady Justice was slowly hoisted back to her place overlooking the county.  


Not only did Lady Justice suffer from structure damage but so did the clock tower, roofing, and dome of the courthouse.   Due to a lack of public funds, the Wyandot County Courthouse Restoration Association was formed to help raise awareness and to support the newly proposed tax levy.  The levy passed after an overwhelming approved six-year bond issue by county voters in November of 2013 that generated $2.5 million for the restoration.  Work began on the courthouse in late 2014 and finished on November 13, 2015.

The Wyandot County Courthouse is open for self-guided tours or by calling the Wyandot County Commissioners in advandace for guided tours.

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Wyandot County Courthouse

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